Tree Planting 2019/2020 – Target Reached!

Spring 2020

Last year we launched a campaign to promote the planting of trees in suitable sites throughout the town to help improve biodiversity, mitigate climate change and boost wellbeing. We set a target to help plant 1500 trees in the town, approximately one for every child who lives here. The campaign was launched at our environment day on the 12th October, with this beautiful native crab apple tree, chosen by the hosts All Saints Church. This was quickly followed by 5 others in schools and private gardens and we began discussions with groups and schools who all wanted to green up their space and the local area. By March 2020 over 1600 new trees had been planted across 3 local schools, Victoria Avenue, a local farm, and private gardens!

This would not have been achieved without working together with the different local groups and was a team effort: Trees for Dorset, Purbeck National Trust, Swanage School, St Marys Primary, Swanage Primary and the volunteers from our newly formed sub-group, Greening Swanage.

Well done to all involved. We are all still busy ensuring the trees are watered as necessary in this warm dry spring of their first year, and planning new projects for next year! What will be our target for next year?..

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