Sustainable Food

A key feature of eating sustainably is eating locally grown produce that is in season

Food obtained locally has fewer food miles, is fresher, is generally produced on a smaller less intensive scale, you know more about where it has come from and it provides local employment.

We are celebrating the great local produce that we have available in this area.

Here are some of them nearby to Swanage which are supplying produce. We are compiling a list for this website and if we have missed anyone please get in touch.

And/or grow your own! Many local residents had already been growing some of their own produce in their gardens or allotments but their has been a surge in interest in this during the pandemic with more people giving it a go or trying new things. Neighbours have been swapping seedlings using ‘whatsapp’ street groups and there is a new ‘Swanage Home Produce Swap’ facebook group that has been very popular. We are hoping to help organise some seed, seedling and produce swap events with the community, check out our news and events page for details of upcoming events. Regula Wright from Godlingtson Manor Kitchen Garden has shared some of her top tips for growing in containers. Click HERE to view.